New Horizon Peat Free Multi Purpose Compost 50ltr

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Naturally peat free and organic!!!

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New Horizon All Plant Compost is a naturally peat-free formulation that gives every plant triple the goodness. This peat-free formulation is ideal for all types of plants and can also feed your plants for up to 6 weeks. Additionally, our special BIO3 formulation includes 3 special ingredients to help your plants thrive.

100% sustainable, natural and peat-free compost
Specially blended for all types of plants
Base fertiliser – Feeds plants for up to 6 weeks
Ideal for seedlings, containers, fruit and vegetables
BIO3 formulation with No Green Waste
Use New Horizon All Plant Compost all around the garden for amazing results
Try our New Horizon All Vegetable Compost for your vegetables and fruits


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