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Westland Composted Bark 70ltr
£6.99 Price

Westland Composted Bark 70ltr

Improves soil structure and drainage

6X  Manure 15kg
£9.99 Price

6X Manure 15kg

A 100% natural organic chicken manure fertiliser, produced in the U.K. for over 40 years and fully tried, tested and trusted.Six times richer than farmyard manure (one sack of 6X is equivalent to six sacks of manure), it provides balanced nutrition for shrubs, flower beds, vegetables and lawns and is extraordinarily economical.

It contains all the nutrients and trace elements that plants require – plus the fibrous, organic, content needed to ‘condition’ the soil. If your soil is heavy, it will open it up to avoid waterlogging – if your soil is light, it will hold the moisture and add ‘bulk’ to stabilise it.  It has a neutral pH balance which is ideal for all plants. 15kg will treat up to 184sq metres (220sq yds.).